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Lauren and Haney

Photography: William McLeod

Top 3 tips for future brides:
1. Have a wedding vision, financial and communication plan.
2. Make sure you say "thank you" in public/private to family, friends, wedding party, all key individuals involved with your wedding.
3: Take time to reflect throughtout the day and after, taking mental pictures. It's true, the day does goes fast!

Describe any personal or special touches that helped make Your Wedding Memorable:
The name cards were envelopes enclosed with a personal note from the couple and a photo. Each had a sticker with a meaningful wedding fact.

The Best Thing about the day:
Feeling support from so many we love.

What went wrong:
Small communication glitches, but nothing major.

Location: The beautiful grounds of Stanford University, an institution that has given so much to us and represents the importance of education.

Planning: We had 1 year to plan and support from family and friends. We used websites and recommendations from friends.

Theme: Traditional

Decor: Cardinal red, plum and spring green colors

Flowers: Designed and assembled by my mother

Menu: Italian

Cake: Designed and assembled by my aunt.

Favors: Handmade traditional Korean ducks, from Korea and tied with "hanji" paper ribbon.

Rehearsal Dinner: Caffe Riace

Honeymoon Location: Tunisia, North Africa and Cairo, Egypt

Vendors you would recommend
Photography: William McLeod, Makeup Artist: Tamra Davis, Chair Covers: Especially Yours Chair Covers, Bok Shin Hanbok, Korean Traditional Wedding

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